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May 16, 2019
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May 16, 2019
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CRM Benefits



By collecting and organizing data scientifically about customer interactions, making data easy to access and reference for all, facilitating data analysis, providing CRM. Many benefits and advantages in customer management and care.

1.CRM helps improve customer contact management

Each call, question, negotiation and touch point from Potential and customer is recorded and accessible by the whole company with centralized customer and contact management system such as CRM. That will help both sales, marketing and customer care teams improve tracking sales progress and customer history.

2.CRM helps strengthen cooperation between teams and departments

A CRM system allows different departments to work together. A business team can coordinate with a product team to produce a quote of a specific size, while a Marketing campaign  can create a Potential and provide Business Staff with a lot of information. more, more creative exchange scenarios with potential.

3.CRM application in improving productivity

CRM helps to minimize administrative tasks such as following emails and monitoring meetings management. CRM software helps to send emails quickly on the CRM platform without having to go through the gmail interface and then click click rate statistics right on CRM.

From there, the sales staff will immediately have a call right after the customer has just opened the email. Customer care can learn a lot about customer behavior from history saved on CRM before starting a customer care call.

4.CRM system supporting Business Manager

Business Management with data analyzing customer relationships, tracking sales activities, accessing opportunity reports, accessing from anywhere via mobile app as soon as information is needed, and providing Sales data sales team is updated in real time (Real time).

Managing the sales process and all the personal goals of the business since it is a potential information, then the CRM system ranks the potential according to the potential purchase level and then the sale step.

5.CRM software helps forecast accurate Business operations

Data from a single unified source is the CRM system that makes it easier for managers to make accurate forecasts. The sales team can predict future sales from past data, while forecasting analytics provides insightful analysis from Big Data to predict future customer behavior. hybrid

6.Reporting on trusted CRM reliably

CRM provides an overview of the sales process so it is easy to spot potential problems and take note of these issues. The system of statistical reporting data on conversion rates, purchase sales, KPI helps the reporting system become more intuitive and viewed objectively from more directions than ever before.

7.Suggestions for improving Business data

Keeping track of potential customers rather than spending time on customers has less opportunity to save time and quickly increase sales performance. When businesses better understand their customers about the characteristics, personalities, buying habits of sales opportunities and revenue will come later in a sustainable way.

8.Increase the rate of satisfied customers and return

The recording system responds to customer complaints smoothly across departments, making complaints quickly handled instead of being “kicked” between departments as practically in many businesses before it The complexity of becoming a good communication crisis at a smaller level and customer dissatisfaction leads to the discontinuation of service from them.

In fact, it is not enough to understand the concept of CRM . Because customer relationship management software is just one tool and the most important factor is the thinking of managers.

9.CRM software helps optimize efficiency from Marketing budgets

CRM helps track conversions from each Online Marketing campaign from different sources Google, Facebook, Email, … and compares the efficiency from Revenue costs between these campaigns together. The manager will have more information to make marketing budget optimization decisions.

10.CRM contributes to product and service improvement

Are you wondering what the role of CRM is in helping businesses improve the quality of products and services? A good CRM system will collect a huge amount of information and data from many sources in the business, Social … That brings a deep understanding of how customers feel, what they say about an organization. This will help businesses improve the products they deliver to customers, delineate problems early, and detect market gaps to meet.

11. Integrating CRM with ERP.

The CRM-ERP integration process is much simpler. Specialists selling licensed software can perform all the settings and complete the implementation process at the request of the client. Also, many service providers offer to conduct a course on implemented staffing software. Integration of CRM-ERP will allow you to create a single customer base in which you can track its entire history of relations with the company and with a specific manager in particular.
In general, the integration of both systems is the complete control and automation of all processes. Integrating CRM and ERP also helps to reduce the overall expenditure. The cost of ERP implementation may be higher but would be beneficiary for the long run.

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