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May 16, 2019
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CRM for Call center



CRM customer service platform to manage call centers

The customer service that companies offer before, during or after the purchase or to provide their services is increasingly important in the valuation of the brand by the consumer and is reflected in social networks, forums and other websites.

Avoiding waiting calls, quickly resolving doubts and solving problems with professionalism can turn a disgruntled customer into a potential recommender.

Serve your customer with the speed and polished skill you expect and improve your trust in your items and administrations.

Reduce the waiting time of your customers

Discharge your assets heretofore by improving the reaction time of each call and the sentiment of trusting that your customer will see will be less.

Increase the number of incidents resolved successfully

Get better resolution rates of incidents that increase the degree and number of satisfied customers with your service.

If we think of the activity and business of a company that today operates in the sector of product sales and/or service sales, we realize how a fundamental element, from which it is absolutely impossible to disregard, is customer orientation, and in-depth knowledge of his desires and needs. Today a company must necessarily, and strongly, be customer oriented, open to the customer and to his requests, whether they are clearly expressed or not, available for direct contact and why no, even by comparison.

CRM is not simply an IT and technological support to reach a greater number of customers and manage them more effectively: this type of interpretation is actually one of the mistakes that are most commonly made when talking about the topic. CRM in effect is a business strategy, which uses IT tools, both software, and hardware, to obtain the final result, namely the acquisition of new customers and the increasing loyalty of existing customers. Seen from this perspective, the CRM utilization strategy combines very well with the call center activity, both inbound and outbound. Evolution of the CRM Call Center In recent years, call center activity has assumed a strongly negative connotation in the collective imagination. certainly for an image closely linked to the idea of ​​a precarious, underpaid job, and that mortifies the professionalism and potential of those who work there. And yet, from a CRM strategy perspective, the call center can play a fundamental role, in direct contact with customers, and offer innumerable possibilities both in terms of collecting significant information to be used to create an ever more tailored offer fit for the customer, both in terms of approach and conquest of new customers. The call center activity must be closely integrated with the corporate strategy of customer approach and management of its needs. All this is possible only by using specific CRM call center software. it is necessary to use dedicated software to manage the call center operations, which is integrated into the management software normally used for business activities, so as to achieve the best result and to monitor the results. Thanks to the CRM Call Center.

A good CRM software allows you to monitor the activity of all the operators at work in real time, for example, to organize the shifts but also easy to manage in an organic way the operating flows, in order to be able to maximize the results obtained. For example, organizing the work of call center operators means allowing simple and immediate management of appointments and reporting of the activity carried out. but also allow the operator who contacts a customer to easily have a possible and hypothetical personal card available, with data that may be important during the conversation or a possible negotiation, as well as to have cards with specific technical specifications available. any new products to be proposed. Having a well-structured and integrated software at your disposal allows you to carry out customer care functions in the best possible way, allowing post-sales assistance operators to always have everything they need to be able to give a satisfactory answer, even to those who are resolving them calling. CRM software for call centers of this type find their greatest strength in flexibility, and therefore in the possibility of creating truly tailor-made solutions specifically created to be used by companies, thus allowing them to make the most of their particular features and potential.

The real strength of call center CRM software should be, and almost always is, a high margin of customization: being a customer-oriented company also means having the possibility to offer the customer of unique and characteristic services, which have no equivalent in competing companies, or which in any case constitute an obvious feature.

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