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May 16, 2019
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CRM for Real estate



With crm for real estate you don’t have to maintain your own IT infrastructure, you just install crm on your computers and work on-line over the Internet. Your database is hosted in one of the datacenters that are available around the world. This ensures that your data is secure, always available and that you always enjoy the best connectivity.

Contact management

(CRM) solution  provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of sellers, buyers, agents, collaborators and your staff. Some features include:

  • Complete history and activity tracking per contact. Each activity is formed by one or more members, making it possible to assign an activity to multiple contacts and properties.
  • Unlimited number of phone numbers, email addresses, web site and other communication methods per contact.
  • Freely definable multi-level groups help you to organize contacts and properties the way you want them.
  • Contact-to-contact and contact-to-property relations let you easily organize related contacts and properties.
  • Properties are directly linked to their respective contacts: One contact can be the owner of multiple properties; there is no need to enter the same contact information multiple times for each property.
  • The sophisticated mail merge function allows you to quickly contact all or selected groups of your customers via printed letters and email, saving you literally hours of time.
  • Attach an unlimited number of documents to every contact, property or activity.

CRM manages properties and presents them to your customers in over 50 languages. Easily create multi-language print-outs, window cards and flyers and send them by email as PDF, HTML or JPEG.

Furthermore, support for metric and English measurement systems and an unlimited number of currencies allows you to list and offer properties in many different local markets.

Centralized information

CRM software provides a single, central repository for critical prospect, customer and property information captured across your business. Attach any kind of document to contacts, properties or activities. Every user has instant access to every piece of information.

Adapts to your business

You can directly customize many aspects of CRM software.

  • You can easily create and customize as many reports as you need. Reports can be used for anything, from internal customer lists to flyers or window cards.
  • Areas help you organize your geographical sales areas/zones the way you need them. The areas are arranged in a tree-like structure with as many levels as you need; they can cover anything from multiple countries to small neighborhoods.
  • An unlimited number of currencies allows you to present your properties to international customers. The currencies can be automatically updated over the Internet, saving you time and eliminating potential errors.
  • Groups allow you to easily categorize your contacts and properties. Arranged in a tree-like structure, they can be used to represent the structure of your business and customers.
  • You can quickly create and organize templates for the built-in word processor, streamlining the communication with your customers via email, printed letters and mail merges.
  • Many predefined values can be customized, such as property types and features.

Ease of use: Do more in less time

Start working with CRM software from the moment you install it. No configuration is required.

Furthermore, CRM software has been designed from the ground-up to eliminate redundant information and work, saving you time and eliminating mistakes caused by out-of-date or incorrect data.

CRM software includes a word processor, a picture editor and a report designer, all of them specifically designed for ease-of-use and virtually eliminating the need for other third party applications, saving you time and money.

Scales with your business

CRM software scales with your business, whether you are a one-person business, a larger workgroup or a multi-branch franchise company. The built-in user and permissions system allows you to assign specific usage rights to each user in your network. Proven and state-of-the-art database technology ensures stability and scalability.

Upload your properties to anywhere

Easily upload your properties to your own website, property portals and multiple listing services (MLS), increasing exposure of your business and forging new relations. You can quickly choose which properties to upload and to where.

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