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May 16, 2019
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Tourism is one of the most dynamic economic sectors in the world and India in particular, with our country recording a record number of international tourists the previous year and contributing a significant share to our figure of business.

Travelers are more aware of their choices, expect are more price sensitive and a more improved travel experience than before. Tour operators and travel agencies are competing each other to provide better, more personalized service to effectively manage customer expectations.

For such a scenario, one might think that investing in technology would be a priority for travel companies. But, terribly, the majority of them still rely on traditional methods to manage their daily operations. This is equivalent to putting on a cloak of invisibility in the digital platform.

Here are some of the main challenges facing tour operators today:

1: Consumer Experience, Commitment And Retention:

Today, all the activities of the travel agency is to develop a close relationship and personal relationships with customers by customizing their promotional activities and services. But, traditional avenues such as email campaigns and websites can not go that far in building a loyal customer base. Here’s where a strong social media strategy can help you differentiate from your competitors.

A Survey found that 84% of Facebook users said their travel plans were influenced by the messages from friends on this platform. A well-planned social media strategy coupled with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help tour operators create content that matches the habits of and attracts their customers. For example, a travel agency CRM software can help build an extensive customer database to boost press campaign email, while ensuring that they do not end up in the spam folder of their campaigns. Customers.

2: Credibility And Responsiveness:

Trustworthiness is one of the cornerstones of the travel industry. Manual methods of entering data into an Excel sheet, for example, have a higher probability of human error. Such mistakes can create mistrust and potentially lead to lost sales.

A study shows that, 62% of customers read online reviews and comments increase visitors browsing time on travel sites between 50 and 100%. in addition, comments must be present on all platforms because if they are only present on the company’s website, it raises doubts as to the credibility of these comments.

A survey by Industrial Group Performance Inc. showed that sellers spend 23% of their time fixing errors, searching for information and giving information about the phone. Manual customization of a travel plan is time and salespeople end up spending more time on administrative tasks than directly helping to plan their customer vacations.

CRM for travel agents can help customers sell historical customer access and prior interactions that can help understand the customer quickly. A robust travel agency crm can generate quotes faster and help to score on competitors.

3: Mobile Adaptability:

Mobile adaptation in the travel industry is particularly high compared to other industries, with nearly a third of e-commerce transactions now being done on mobile phones tablets, and other hand-held devices. According to a survey, 88% of people admit to shopping more if they can access real-time information on their mobile devices.

The majority of bookings in emerging markets are also found on mobile devices, so a travel agency must have compatible mobile software to keep up with this trend towards miniaturization.

4: Optimized Management Booking:

Many tour operators do not yet have the appropriate tools for better booking management, which affects efficiency and functionality across an agency’s value chain. Travel agent CRM software help travel agents return quality searches and complete and more responsive bookings as they are to disruptions, delays and cancellations, the greater will be their gain in terms of returning sales of passengers and driving engagement client.

With increased booking management capabilities, CRM for travel agency help travel agents obtain valuable information about customer behavior buying habits, which help them to modify their service offering as a result of generating more ROI.

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