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May 16, 2019
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If you are a business owner, business manager or just a simple salesperson, you must recognize that customer data is very important. Controlling customer data and customer-related activities is a key issue in the development of a business, if not vital for a business because there are businesses that only need losing some important customers has been burdened, sales and profits have been seriously affected.

The signs and difficulties your business is facing suggest that businesses are in need of a customer management system.

1.Unable to control customer data

Customer data is duplicated, unfocused, inconsistent.
Customer information may be lost when transferring work.
This is one of the most typical signs that your business needs a CRM software for sales management.

2.Discrete sales process, overlapping care operations

Sales, marketing, customer care activities are not effective, coordinating with each other is not tight. Marketing does not understand the history of care, care activities, lack of reports analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns, making it difficult to orient and change their marketing activities in the future. Sales do not know how to reach a mass audience (the number of databases can reach millions, cannot be telesales or send letters to each person, not feasible or take a lot of time), sales are delayed due to lack of customer support tools such as form quotation on software, regional price list by customer, incorrect manual inventory checking, management Sales lack tools to control orders from the sales staff below, how is the situation, how specific developments … Managers do not see an overview of their company’s sales activities. Customer care department lacks customer information so it cannot interact with customers as expected. The forms, processes are not uniform, it takes too much time for staff management and training. There comes the need for CRM Software for sales and marketing.

3.Lack of effective sales support tools

There is no common work schedule tool, it is impossible to follow the work schedule of employees.

Missing list of frequently asked questions, price list tools, sample quotes, sample contracts, sample emails …

Lack of panoramic perspective on customers: contact points, care history, opportunity history, quotes, contracts, orders, payments, events …

Lack of analytical reports: Analyzing customers by source, region, product, time, sales staff, working group …

Lack of assessment and rewarding tools for employees (KPI). In this case, efficient CRM software for sales reps can lessen the majority of your hurdles.

4.Manual report

Staff must make manual reports, time-consuming, inaccurate data.

Benefits of using CRM software for sales management

1.Automatic marketing management

Bulk email sending is one of the main functions of our crm software. This allows email automation marketing. This is a great function of CRM software for sales that the marketing department of an enterprise needs to exploit.

2.Automatic sales management

Allow sales by process, speed up customer feedback, increase sales efficiency, shorten time to close orders.

3.Manage after-sales care

Maintain and increase customer loyalty with functions such as sending a birthday greeting email, membership card policies, customer portals, and customer feedback management according to processes that are popular of a CRM software for sales. In an industry-specific business, the CRM software for sales reps the auto sales function can be integrated with other systems (internal, external) of the business so that sales staff can perform sales operations smoothly.

4.Manage employee’s work schedules

Keeping up with the daily schedule of employees is an important task for managers. The calendar function of CRM Online client management software, in addition to the employee’s basic calendar, also provides a shared calendar function, allowing an employee to view the calendar of other employees in the team. in the company to increase coordination between management and staff, between employees and employees.

5.Analysis, statistical reporting and decision support

This is an added value of our CRM software. Usually, the report will take a lot of time for the staff, so if the enterprise has CRM application in daily sales, the reporting time will be greatly reduced. In addition, the reporting system of the software also allows management to view multi-dimensional business activities from which to make appropriate decisions.

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